Thursday, December 18, 2008


David and I will be heading to Indiana tomorrow after he gets out of school. Please say prayers for us because it is a looooonnnggg drive (800 miles) and we'll be going through a lot of snow. In fact, a huge storm is supposed to start just south of us around the time we are going to leave. Perfect.

But we are excited to go home and see everyone even though we won't be bearing as many gifts as we would like. Sigh. I've been listening to and singing Nappy Roots' "Po' Folks" a lot lately, especially the chorus: "All my life been po'/ but it really don't matter no mo'". David told me to stop because we aren't poor and we've never been poor. True, but it's so catchy that I can't stop singing it.

Anyway, it will be fun to see everyone! I think we'll be home late the 20th or early the 21st.


Elisabeth said...

You're coming back?!?! Yay!!!! See you at Midnight Mass and the after party right?!?

M LO said...


LauraSuz said...

Yay! The O'Neils are coming home!

mary said...

be careful!