Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Job Search

I was talking to David last night about the kinds of jobs I would be good at. Here's a bit of the conversation-

Monica: Do you think there are still cartographers around? I love looking at maps. They're so much fun. I could draw maps.

David: Yeah, there are still cartographers. Stuff always needs to be mapped. I don't think you would really like being a cartographer though.

Monica: Why, because it involves math and working with computers and stuff like that?

David: Pretty much, yeah.

Monica: Yeah, I wouldn't like that. Maybe I could just be the person who draws sea monsters in the oceans.

David: You would be good at that.

So if you know of any map companies that need a sea monster artist, let me know.


Anne said...

Hahahahaha!! Here's hoping you find something soon though. YOu could be my nanny/maid - except I can't pay you. And we live in Chicago...

Anne said...

I have a better idea. Come be my companion - you know like the old ladies used to have. When the kids go down for a nap you can provide me with adult conversation and stimulaiton!

M LO said...

I would love it, but we gotta find David a Latin teaching position closer to home!

John R.P. Russell said...

As you may remember, Katie, Jenny, Kyle and I were in fact paid good money to paint sea monsters on a map.