Thursday, December 14, 2006

Guilty Pleasures

On David's last post there were a couple of comments about guilty pleasures. Most concerned watching TV shows that may or may not have any redeeming value (e.g. Lois and Clark, Deadwood, etc.) Well, I'm writing today to tell you about some of my guilty pleasures. Ah yes, I shall expound on those things that we take delight in even though we would never be caught dead doing them in front of our professors, priests, bosses or other people who we want to trick into thinking that we are smart, well raised, mature people. Well, we can't always just pray the rosary, read edifying material, and write beneficial prose. Actually, we probably could, but then we would be saints. I'm not there yet, and for this reason I present to you my guilty pleasures.

First, I like peanut butter. A lot. However, the guilty pleasure does not come from the substance itself, but in the way I consume it. I have to preface this by saying that the O'Neil household is a no-bread household because of David's allergy. Therefore, I cannot just eat peanut butter sandwiches. Instead, I grab a giant spoon and retrieve a massive quantity from the jar. Then I set on the couch and lick it mindlessly as though am eating a gargantuan peanut butter popsicle. I'm sure I look like an idiot because David always rolls his eyes while I do so.

Second, Vh1. This hasn't been a problem since I moved out of my parents house, but the addiction was bad enough at the time that it still rates up there. Did I watch Behind the Music specials of bands I did not care about or deplored? Yes, I happen to know where Kid Rock was born and the name of his alleged daughter. Did I watch a reality TV show on this channel that was based around forming a new Chippendale's type group? Um... Yes. Finally, did I watch an eight hour marathon of America's Next Top Model during summer break even though I was called by my boss and asked to work at Osco that day? Yes...I...Did. I'm sure you all hate me by now, but it is kind of cathartic to clear the air about these things. Anyway, Vh1 is the devil. It sucks you in and then never lets you go. Thank God I moved out of my parent's house.

Third, Purdue Women's Basketball. I follow this sport even more than I like to admit. I mean, I know the types of people who watch women's sports and it's not pretty. But I do watch Purdue women's basketball, and I even go to to check out the team's latest stats. Then, I get angry at because they are always making such a big freaking deal out of the Tennessee and Duke women's teams and I feel like Purdue isn't getting enough recognition.

Finally, "Push it" by Salt-N-Pepa. I don't normally like rap, but this song has some kind of sway over me. I find myself listening to it at least once a week, and I had it as a ringtone on my old phone. There have also been occasions where, when encouraged (by alcohol), I have rapped the entire song for people whether I was asked to or not. I have also requested it at wedding receptions (again, this was an alcohol influenced decision). Now, this song is bad. Let me give you a sample of the lyrics:

Salt-N-Pepa's here and were in effect
Want you to push it, babe
Coolin' by day, then at night working up a sweat
C'mon girls, lets go show the guys that we know
How to become number one in a hot party show.
Now push it

Push it good.
Push it real good.

Okay, so now you see my dilemma. It is obvious that this song is immoral and I should not listen to it. Furthermore, I hate almost all rap, especially the really vulgar stuff. And yet, I really like this song, though I have a hard time explaining why. And then there is another part of me that says, "Hey, I'm a married woman and I can push it or have it pushed in any manner I choose (so long as it is in accordance with Theology of the Body and my NFP method)." And as far as I know, JPII never said anything against becoming "number one in a hot party show." So I will continue to listen to the song until I find out otherwise.

Well, anyway those are some of my guilty pleasures. If you feel brave enough, post some of your guilty pleasures on the comments section. Until next time remember this: "This dance ain't for everybody, only the sexy people. So all you fly muthaz get on out there and dance. Dance, I said!" Ah, words to live by.

Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Do Your Part

Find the cure!

Thursday, December 07, 2006

David's birthday

Hey everyone, I know it's kind of late in the day, but it's David's 27th birthday. That's why today is the day that will always live in infamy, right? If you're reading this, go to his blog and leave him some kind of birthday message on his most recent post. If it's the eighth, you can leave a birthday comment for him too. He won't mind if it's a day late. You should leave him a comment because he's great and he isn't getting to spend his birthday the way he wants. He has to work at dumb ol' Ivy Tech and I'm holed up in this God forsaken computer lab getting my paper done. I haven't seen him since 6:30 this morning! Boo! When I woke up I said, "Happy birthday, I love you, you're special!" And he said, "If I'm special it's only 'cause I'm married to you." Now isn't that sweet? Okay, I'm going to stop now before Aric breaks in to my blog (and yes, I know he's capable of it) to make fun of me for being in love. Go leave David a comment!

Wednesday, December 06, 2006


I'll admit that it's all self-induced, but I'll be damned if it's not exhilarating when these things come down to the wire. I find I do some of my best writing then. If you need me, I'll be in Stanley Coulter G73, the computer lab...for two days straight.

Saturday, December 02, 2006


David left a pen in his jeans before I did the laundry today. Here are the results.

Articles of my clothing with ink on them: 7

Articles of his clothing with ink on them: 0

How in the hell does this work? The pen came from his jeans! I'm sure the goddess of domiciliary functions is laughing heartily. Screw domestic chores.